Ford Vehicles in Tulsa with 30+ MPG

Ford has long been an industry leader in providing fuel-efficient vehicles. At Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa, we’re proud to provide Oklahoma with many great Ford models that offer more than 30 highway mpg. Let’s take a look at some of our most fuel-efficient models:


Ford Fiesta
MPG: 28 city / 36 hwy

It’s always a party in the Ford Fiesta! Sedan or hatchback, you’ll have plenty of room and plenty of sport. An available ST trim brings a 197 horsepower 1.6L turbocharged EcoBoost engine, 17-inch wheels with performance tires and a sport suspension. You can also have SYNC with MyFord Touch, leather seats and your choice of ten colors. Continue reading →

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SYNC with MyFord Touch: System Features

SYNC with MyFord Touch System | Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa


SYNC with MyFord Touch is the leading touchscreen infotainment interface on the road today. Many of Ford’s new models, available in Tulsa at Bill Knight Ford, are equipped with this exceptional technology, and it helps keep you even more comfortable and entertained on your ride than ever before.


Let’s take a look at some of the many features of the SYNC with MyFord Touch system:

  • SYNC Hands-Free Calling
    • Voice control of your phone
    • Automatic download of your contacts
    • Instant connection the moment you start your car
    • Download your contacts’ photos
    • Advanced calling features like caller ID and call waiting
    • Ringtone compatability Continue reading →

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Ford Motor Company: A Brief History

Ford Motor Company | Bill Knight FordThe Ford Motor Company has been called the most important industrial company in American history by Forbes. It’s the second-largest car manufacturer in the world, and was the first to pioneer the technology that made automobiles affordable for the average American. In Tulsa, we love Ford. We know the company of today, but how did it get there?


On this week’s Bill Knight Ford blog, we’ll take a look at the vast history of the Ford Motor Company.


Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company 111 years ago — incorporating it on June 16, 1903. Interestingly enough, the Dodge brothers initially owned 10% of the shares of the Ford Motor Company. Continue reading →

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Ford One Tank Adventures (Part 2)

Last week on the Bill Knight Ford blog, we introduced you to Ford’s One-Tank Adventures series on YouTube. To demonstrate the fuel-efficiency of its vehicles, Ford sent a group of friends out to make the most of one tank of gas.


In Part 1, the group took the 2014 Ford Focus ST to go long boarding, and the 2014 Ford Explorer to Moab, Utah, for extreme highlining.


This week, they take the 2014 Ford Escape to Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, and Jackson, Wyoming, for extreme base jumping. Check it out:

Continue reading →

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Ford One Tank Adventures (Part 1)

Gas is expensive, so Ford wants to make sure you’re getting the most fun out of each tank! They sent a film crew out with a group of friends to see what all they could do on one tank of gas!


In the first video, they take the 2014 Ford Focus ST out to a mountain with some professional long boarders. Check out their adventures, reaching speeds of up to 65 mph!

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Fourth of July Sale at Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.38.11 AM

Fourth of July Sale in Tulsa at Bill Knight Ford


Independence Day is just around the corner. It’s time for grilling out, going to the lake, camping, lighting some fireworks and celebrating your freedom with family and friends. We couldn’t be more excited!

Here at Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we want to keep money in your pocket this Fourth of July, which is why we are offering our huge 4th of July Summer Celebration Sale. You’ll save tons of money on several vehicle purchases, savings you won’t see all year. Now is the time to buy a car, folks! Continue reading →

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tulsa Set to Celebrate 25th McDazzle with Justin Moore, 50th Anniversary Mustang Giveaway

Mustang Raffle


The Ronald McDonald House of Tulsa will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of its annual McDazzle Fun Ball with a performance by Academy of Country Music New Artist of the Year Justin Moore.


“McDazzle has raised over 2 million dollars for RMH Tulsa families who travel to the city seeking medical treatment,” said Jean Ann Hankins, RMH Executive Director. “As we plan to celebrate the 25th McDazzle Fun Ball, we want to thank the Tulsa community for its support so we can help families in highly stressful situations of caring for a sick or injured child.” Continue reading →

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Car Organization Tips in Tulsa

Messy Car


Is your vehicle a wasteland? Are there enough fast food bags, receipts, bottles, cans and clothes to be classified as a fire hazard? Do you get stressed out just looking at it?


Your friends at Bill Knight Ford are here to help; take a look at these car organization tips that are both quick and easy:


  • Keep your trunk in check. It can be a real hassle to move around stuff you don’t need to fit other things in the trunk that actually have to go in. So, give your trunk the “two week” rule. If the items have not been used in 14 days, it’s time to get them out of there. Pretty simple. Continue reading →

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Top 5 Tips on Sharing the Road with Big Trucks


Nobody likes driving next to big trucks, do they? Many people say they hog the road, swerve everywhere and don’t pay attention to the little cars on the road like they should. However, AAA Foundation says the car actually initiates 75 percent of truck-related car fatalities.

Yes, some big truck drivers do drive careless, but they aren’t all to blame. Many car drivers don’t know how to safely share the road with big trucks either.

At Bill Knight Ford, we want to help you avoid an accident, so we’ve put together five helpful tips for sharing the road with big trucks: Continue reading →

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Best Father’s Day Car Accessories Gifts for Ford F-150s in Tulsa, Oklahoma

2014 FORD F-150


Are you still struggling to figure out what you want to give your pops for Father’s Day? Sunday is coming quickly, and our team here at Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa, Oklahoma wants to help. There are some great accessories for the Ford F-150 that we think would be great ideas for your dad!


DVD players are popular vehicle amenities these days. Head over to and check out the DVD items that the 2014 Ford F-150 has to offer. They have portable DVD players that attach to the headrests, headphones, remotes, and more! Continue reading →

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